Aged 50 plus and looking for a career change in the UK? Now’s the time to act

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Turning 50 can have a profound effect on people. It’s at this time that people start to become that little bit more reflective. They take stock of their lives, and they start to consider what the future may hold. It’s common, when people reach this milestone, to start contemplating a career change and a new direction.

While starting off in a career back in our 20s may have been exciting, the reality is that 30 years down the line, our wants and needs have changed. That’s why so many seek a new career at 50 while equally as many get frozen by fear. If you want to know how to make positive changes in your life by seeking to change your career path, keep reading. Don’t be the one who reaches decade number six wishing that they’d acted earlier.

Why you need to act now to secure a new career at 50

If you’re mulling over your options, you can be sure that you’re not alone. A recent study has shown that some 90% of those in their 50s believe that a career change would bring back the passion that they used to experience. You can also be sure that those who are just like you aren’t looking to retire. They’re making active plans to carry on working.

While we may be living through record levels of job vacancies, the reality is that many of these vacancies are probably not what you’d see yourself doing. If you want a career that is rewarding and fits your new position in life, you need to be securing it now rather than allowing everyone else to get there first. 

Looking for a better quality of life? Then change career path

When we’re all starting out we’re looking at building dreams and a future for our potential families. This leads to us working excessive hours under undue stress just so that we can keep the dream going. By the time our 50s are reached, priorities, and life, have changed.

To change your career path is to get back your freedom. A reduced workload, less stress, and more time with your family are the goals. Sure, everyone still needs money but generally by the time we reach our 50s, this need has shifted. 

So, can you change your career at 50?

You may be wondering “Is it possible to change career at 50 in the UK?”. The answer is a resounding yes. Now, this doesn’t have to conform to what society thinks you should do. By going through a process of personal reflection, you can start to identify what really matters to you and what your core values are.

9.4% of uk work force between aged 50 to 70  changed their career in the UK in 2021, source: Source: Office for National Statistics – Longitudinal Labour Force Survey
Source: Longitudinal Labour Force Survey

It could be that you’ve always had a special interest that just wasn’t financially viable at one time. There’s a chance that you have a favorite hobby or pastime and you’d like to explore how to earn in that field. You may even decide to take the plunge and start your own business. Of course, there may be the need for guidance and support along the way, but these types of career changes can truly set you up for the rest of your life. The fact that almost half of the self-employed workforce in the UK are 50 or over shows just how achievable this is.

What you’re set to gain from a career change 

A career change at age 50 in the UK, can bring about practically anything that you want it to. The key here is to have goals, focus, and know how to track your progress. A blind career change at the age of 50 is unlikely to lead to years of happiness and bliss. You need to take the time to get to know yourself and understand just what you’re hoping for.

It’s not always easy to internally reflect and, even when we do, it’s not always easy to act upon what we’ve found. Fear can still be a paralysing emotion even when we’re older. Perhaps that’s why around 43% of people seeking change believe that it’s much easier with a coach or a mentor.

How others have succeeded with a career change at age 50 in the UK

With around 80% of all UK employment growth over the last 10 years being down to the 50s and over, there are clearly plenty of people who are making changes. What one person’s view of success is will likely differ from someone else. The truth, however, is that those who are brave enough to take action will reap the rewards. 

This has seen people make a career change and completely change their lives. One of the most famous examples can perhaps be seen by looking at the fast food chain, KFC. The founder, Colonel Sanders, only started to even explore this business at the age of 65. History now shows how he made this into a multi-million-pound business.

The need for career change advice at 50 in the UK

The hope is that you’re excited about what the future could hold. However, there still needs to be a degree of caution before rushing into your next career. A new career at 50 is a wonderful thing, but you need to ensure that it’s the right one for you. What people need, in terms of making a change, is guidance and support from those who understand. That’s where Swattup comes in.

By downloading the Swattup app you’re given 24/7 access to mentors who know how to make your ideas become a reality. By joining a community, that is all about learning, you can be sure of finding the support that you need. You may even get to the point where you want to give back.

The Swattup community has already proven itself when it comes to supporting those seeking a career change. If you’re looking at making such a significant change in your life, then this is the app for you.

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