Introducing SwattUp Teams™

We’re pleased to announce that SwattUp Teams™ will be launching in January 2021.

You will be able to plug in existing training content to help your employees learn skills fast and rapidly adapt to change together.

After our success building peer-to-peer learning engagement amongst students we began being asked how we could harness this to boost engagement in corporate training. At the time LinkedIn reported the average time spent learning a year was approximately 2.34 days, with 16% of this being attributed to online learning.

So we went out to our corporate friends and asked. What are the issues with corporate learning? and how can we solve them?

The answer was simple. Help us engage employees in learning.

Why? The business landscape is changing so rapidly there is a new imperative to grow adaptability amongst the workforce.

How do you do this?

  1. Uncover and teach high impact skills
  2. Accelerate speed to competence

SwattUp builds a picture of the individual skills in your team as well as your skills gaps and customises the learning experience to both the individual and the organisation, boosting engagement and the attainment of high impact skills.

The platform also connects a global network of professionals to learn, debate and discuss skills to accelerate their speed to competence using the power of network effects.

We also use behavioural science to make learning a habit engrained in your employees day to day routine.

If you’d like to see the platform in action, please get in touch here.

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