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We are a global learner-to-learner community on a mission to connect the world and accelerate learning. We believe learning is about two things;

  1. Empowering you with the answers you need to get things done right now, and
  2. Building the skills and knowledge to help you progress to your next stage of growth.

Throughout history knowledge has been passed from human-to-human, and even in a modern world that hasn’t changed. Human-to-human engagement, within a likeminded community has always been the most powerful way to learn.

When people are supported by peers and know they’re in a safe, inclusive space where they won’t be judged for not knowing things, collaboration thrives and learning accelerates.

Today, the professional landscape is changing daily and you need to be able to adapt quickly to survive.


for answers right now


Any skill any time

Ask a question

Ask a question to any skill based community and receive instant answers. Discuss and debate the content and find similar professionals to add to your learning network.


Learn a skill

Find skills that will help you progress to the next stage in your career in our skills marketplace. Top courses are curated from the best instructors from around the world, and highlighted to you based on your interests, goals and interactions with the community. No module is more than 15 minutes long so courses are super easy to digest.

Build your learning passport

Earn badges for every skills course you take. Achieve level 1 – 5 in any skill, bank your badges and keep them with you to show off at your next personal development meeting.

Help others

A little bit of help goes a long way. As you become more of an expert in a skill, you’re encouraged to help others up the ladder to keep the learning community alive.

Oh, and its a great way to sharpen your skills too!

Skills Crowds

Ask skill related questions to SwattUp’s skill crowds and see the best answers rise to the top as they are voted for (1-upped) by other members of the crowd.


Earn points (1-Ups) by generating great content for other users. The better the content, the more 1-Ups you will receive and the faster you will level up.

Community Crowds

Create your own community crowds to set up a crowd around any discussion topic you like, whether it be only people at your company, your favourite sports club or stuff you like to do in your spare time.

Level Up

Hit a certain number of 1-Ups and skills badges and you will level up. Every level-up unlocks a new profile colour to signify your skill level to other users and opens a new set of skill related rewards.

Private Crowds

Type in your unique code to unlock private crowds. These can be anything from your Company’s training modules to skill specific crowds where you can connect to course instructors.

Earn Rewards

Every time you level up you gain access to a new set of Skill based rewards. These rewards refresh regularly so there will always be something for you to work towards.

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