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Improve Employee Retention

Retention rates are more than 50% higher when employees receive coaching.

SwattUp pairs your key team members with professional leaders in their fields. Humans learn best from other humans and, thanks to our algorithms we can pair your best humans with our best humans.

Whether you already have a top team of talent or you’re looking to grow it from a core of trusted team members SwattUp is the easy way to give your organisation and your people the skills and knowledge you want them to have.

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Leadership with Major General Adam

Crisis management coach

  • Royal Marines, Special Forces.
  • Adam coaches leaders through crisis. His clients include multiple CXOs from FTSE100 companies.

Learn infant nutrition with Amy

Infant nutritionalist

  • World renowned author and infant nutritionist.
  • Published multiple books on feeding babies, toddlers and families as well as eating in pregnancy.

Get scale-up advice with Claire

2x Exited founder

  • FTSE100 CFO turned founder
  • Scaled two companies from start-up to exit generating millions in revenue in the process.

Unleash the power of your people through coaching

Access a community of vetted expert coaches in one place, under one subscription.

SwattUp’s ever growing community of over a hundred coaches offers a huge range of experts for your team to learn from. From Leadership to Wellbeing to over a hundred other disciplines we have top experts ready to share their experience and knowledge with your crew.

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Career Development

Find coaches and other professionals who have been there, done it and crushed it in the career you want to have.

Financial Literacy

Learn how to maximise your earnings, create secure finances, plan for your future and thrive!

Health and Fitness

Connect with expert coaches from the world of fitness, health and nutrition and create a health ecosystem tailored to you.

Birth and Parenting

Find communities of likeminded professional parents and parenting coaches and mentors to support you and your family to thrive.


Start managing your wellbeing by finding a coach who can help you manage your day to day stresses.

Personal Growth and Hobbies

Connect with coaches in your interests outside of work, learn a new skill and impress your friends. This can be anything from learning to cook Thai food from locals in Bangkok to speaking French with a Paris native.


Easily match with coaches who have been there, done it and crushed it.

Onboarding with Swattup is quick and easy. Once you’re set up your chosen team members will have instant access to SwattUp’s talented pool of expert coaches. Thank’s to SwattUp’s smart algorithm they will immediately begin to matched with the best coaches to help them achieve their learning goals.

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A Community of Learners

It’s not just great coaches on Swattup but an entire community of learning. Fellow students raise questions and have discussions in learning spaces gaining valuable insights from each other as well as coach participation. The discussion goes on 24/7 with community members asking questions and getting answers at any time day or night.

By interacting with the community, coaches and the vast amount of material already on the platform the algorithm grows with learners. This way, SwattUp becomes better at matching your key people with coaches who can further their training and career development.


Build a learning culture the SwattUp way!

SwattUp helps your talent find relevant content from our coach led community, and nurtures learning through:

Daily Discussions

Our smart algorithm picks out coach content based on learners’ interests and interactions to give bite-sized chunks to learn daily.

Fortnightly Calls

Humans learn best from other Humans and your team can reap the benefits of our coach matching by booking a 30-to-60-minute call with a coach every fortnight. It’s the ideal way to master new skills.

Monthly Webinars

Every month one of our expert coaches delivers a webinar available to all members. This is exclusive content not available anywhere else!


On-Demand access to all past content

All past Webinars and community discussions are accessible to all learners on demand through SwattUp. This means your employees will have access to a wealth of content from our knowledge bank from day one. No need to wait for timetables, availability or content uploads, your employee training and career development programme is good to go from day one! It’s also a great opportunity for SwattUp users to be introduced to and connect with new coaches on the platform.

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Be a Cheerleader for Your Team’s Success with Your SwattUp Dashboard

Follow your team’s training and career development with access to the SwattUp admin account dashboard.

Through your dashboard and using our flexible credit system you can manage your subscription to SwattUp for your key people. Credits are used to maintain your subscription, but you can also use them to book direct calls with coaches or to purchase other services on the platform as you see fit.

With the SwattUp dashboard you have control. You can add, manage or remove learners at any time, track their engagements with the platform and see what credits are being used on. And if your key people need a little extra help, topping up with extra credits is simple and convenient!

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How Can SwattUp Help You Meet Your Coaching Needs?

Coach Matching Made Easy

SwattUp takes the pain out of finding coaches for your key people. Hundreds of coaches are available to suit every topic and learning style.

Easy to Set Up

Our onboarding system is simple and painless and will have you ready to allocate learners swiftly and efficiently.

Easy to Manage

The SwattUp dashboard makes managing your learners easy. See easily how your credits are being used and track your key peoples use of the platorm.

Access to Exclusive Coach Driven Content

Your Learners will have immediate access to past webinars and discussions ledng them get started right away.

Embed a learning culture into your workplace in an organic, natural and nurturing way with SwattUp.

Finding, training and keeping the right talent is a challenge for any leader. You need new skills in your organisation and your people need a chance to grow to feel invested in your mission. SwattUp makes it easy to match your team with real experts, watch their progress over time and embed a culture of learning that ensures your organisation as the skills and talent it needs to thrive in an ever challenging future.

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This is brilliant. SwattUp supported us through the journey from new venture launch to completion.

Dave, Managing Director, TBM

SwattUp's ability to connect humans together to create real life impact is second to none.

Stuart Harris, Founder, Dumb!

SwattUp has a big role to play in improving the learning experience and helping to improve the mental robustness of the next generation.

Laura Watson, Business Editor, The Sentinel

SwattUp is bridging the gap between what is taught and the most effective way to be taught, capturing the right information.

Keele University

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