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Find answers from experts who have been there, done it and crushed it!

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Find answers from experts who have been there, done it and crushed it!

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mentors who have been there and crushed it!

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Not only is the academy within arms reach 24/7  but it’s built with engagement and growth in mind. Generate content in the flow of work and share it to your audience to build authority in your learning space.

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Power up their skills by connecting them to the best Experts for advice and mentoring services. Mentors are experts in their field who have been there and done it, and are ready to help their mentees achieve their ambitions. View their video content, direct message them, attend regular webinars and book one to one video calls.

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Give your brand partners and sponsors a new space to engage with your audience. They can create educational and brand content which can be linked to brand experts or other online campaigns they are running.

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Learning online has become hard. There is so much information that it can take hours to unpick what you actually need.

Through People, Powered learning you can give your customers a bespoke learning experience by connecting them with the right people and content. Help them solve this problem and watch their emotional engagement with your brand grow as they see you as their go to solution for help online.

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